Of Brains & Magnets

Of Brains & Magnets is an exploration of the relationship between the mind and high powered rare earth magnets, in which we placed magnets in close proximity to our heads in order to explore aspects of magnetic induction. The project is based on the story of Dr. Michael Persinger, a Canadian psychologist who used magnetic stimulation of the temporal lobes to trigger a spiritual response in himself and others. And, while his experimentation was strictly scientific, ours instead takes a series of artistic liberties for the sake of magnetic and imaginative stimulation.

Of Brains & Magnets
Latitude 53, Edmonton, Canada. April-May 2011
>> Read the Review: Carolyn Jervis, "Between science and art." VueWeekly.com, May 4, 2011.

Magnetically Inclined: Calgary
in conjunction with the exhibition: Transcending Here, Truck Contemporary Art, Calgary, Canada. July 2010

Perimeter Visions
in the exhibition: Tangible Spiritualities, Xian Academy of Art, Xian, China. In conjunction with Digital Art Weeks 2010. June 2010

Magnetically Inclined: Victoria
Fifty-fifty Art Collective, Victoria, Canada. November 2007
>> Read the Review: Rebecca Aldous. "Artists get a charge out of experiment." Victoria News (Victoria, BC) November 29.