Dowsing for Failure

Curated by Ted Hiebert & Doug Jarvis

Failure -- as something that cannot be willfully coveted but must, in many ways, be "happened" upon accidentally and in most instances unintentionally -- holds innovative and intriguing artistic and theoretical possibilities. In exact opposition to the philosophy of the "happy accident" that forms much of the romance of failure as a legitimate element of artistic discovery, Dowsing For Failure involves artists who have encountered ways of not succumbing to the optimistic and opportunistic mobilization of failure in the name of success. To avoid succumbing to failure ourselves, we used dowsing rods to determine the artists who would be selected for the exhibition. Featuring the work of: Benjamin Bellas, Nate Larson, Gordon Lebredt, Daniel Olson, Mike Paget, June Pak, and Anthony Schrag

Dowsing for Failure
Open Space Artist Run Centre, Victoria, Canada. Nov. 24, 2006-Jan. 20, 2007
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