Nightmare Inductions

Nightmare inductions is a project produced by the Noxious Sector Arts Collective. In this series of works we use self-hypnosis and trance induction techniques to provide an audience with a guided visualization of nightmares. To accomplish this we use a combination of binaural beats and brainwave entrainment video patterns, along with self-hypnosis induction scripts, sometimes read live, other times pre-recorded. The project challenges the imaginative willingness of the audience while exploring the creative possibilities for induction-based artworks. We think of induction as a second-order thought experiment -- not simply an idea contemplated passively in one's own mind, but an experience implanted by visualization and self-hypnosis techniques. To date we have completed three nightmares: the dream of having one's teeth fall out; the dream of falling, and; the dream of forgetting something important.

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Nightmare Inductions Vancouver
in the exhibition Through the Trapdoor, curated by Paul Wong, VIVO, Vancouver, Canada. April 2014

Nightmare Inductions
Center on Contemporary Art (CoCA), Seattle, USA January-April 2014

Dreams of Teeth
Neutral Ground Contemporary Art Forum, Regina, Canada. November 2013

Nightmare Inductions Halifax
Eyelevel Gallery, Halifax, Canada. September 2013

Nightmare Inductions Kelowna
Alternator Contemporary Art, Kelowna, Canada. July 2013

Nightmare Inductions Montreal
in conjunction with the Sight & Sound festival, Eastern Bloc, Montreal, Canada. May 2013. Photo credit: J. guzzo Desforges

Nightmare Inductions Singapore
in the exhibition Locomotions, in conjunction with Digital Art Weeks 13. Curated by Art Clay and Doug Jarvis. Goodman Art Centre Gallery, Singapore. May 2013