More Often Than Always / Less Often Than Never

Curated by Ted Hiebert & Doug Jarvis

Commencing from Alfred Jarry's invention of "'pataphysics" (the science of imaginary solutions), Victoria-based Curatorial Collective, Noxious Sector invites artists from around the world to propose imaginary solutions to real questions, according to their own notions of imagination and reality. A century after Jarry, both science and the artistic imaginary have evolved. Science is no longer subject to simple true/false answers. Instead uncertainty, probability, multi-dimensional theories of resonance patterns, strings and branes and virtual anti-partner particles have been imagined into existence so the explanations themselves would make sense. The curators held a series of séances with Alfred Jarry to make the final selection of projects. Featuring the work of: hannah_g, Julie Gendron & Emma Hendrix, Tetsushi Higashino, Gordon Lebredt, Chikako Maria Mori & Boris Nieslony, François Mathieu, Arjuna Neuman, and Anne-Marie Proulx

More Often Than Always / Less Often Than Never
Richmond Art Gallery, Richmond, Canada. Nov. 25, 2010 - Jan. 23, 2011

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